Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vampire's Curse

This island is fairly easy and shouldn't take too long to complete. As soon as you enter the island, you'll notice the villagers are wearing some specific things. The boys all wear polo/vest type shirt thing and the girls all wear long skirts, bonnets, and a top that matches the skirt. I've posted examples below but you can pick a style from whatever person you want. In the girl's cases, you could also mix and match from other islands (Astro Knights has good long skirts and matching tops in the Mill, which is right - but you'll have to find the bonnet ON Vampire's Curse)

Here's how I got them:

Boy version:

  • When you enter the island, go right. There is a boy kneeling on a rock. WITHOUT TALKING TO HIM, customize him. If you talk to him, he will go away! If you don't like this, men around the village are wearing different colors that you may like better.
  • Any classic smile, hair, and pants would work - for the pants just make sure it goes with the shirt.
Girl version:
  • You won't be able to find this costume until you have almost completed the island, but there are some other nice skirts, shirts, and bonnets from other girls around the village. If you want this one, you'll just have to wait until you find Katya - you'll recognize her when you find her. 
  • IF you don't like any of the long skirts or tops, you can go to Astro-Knights and go right, then enter the mill. There are lots of girls with nice tops and long skirts there. Then just find a bonnet on Vampire's Curse that goes with it.
Walkthrough for this island coming soon!

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