Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harry Potter!

Although most people probably wouldn't want to run around Poptropica looking like Harry Potter, here is how to look like him:

There is no way to get the classic scar on his forehead, but you can get the rest...

  • Complete the first part of Red Dragon island until you can get to the treehouse and find Jack. Copy his hair, and don't worry if your hair is not black yet.
  • Go left and copy the jacket, red tie, and white button down shirt from the guy standing in front of one of the buildings on Main Street on Red Dragon
  • Go to 24 Carrot island and go in the Carrot King Diner. Click on the drink stand. Fill your cup completely with black and drink it, and your hair will turn completely black. If you want you can hit Ctrl + Shift + H until your hair turns black
  • Go to Time Tangled island. Go in Pendulum's Lab and copy the glasses from the guy standing next to the time machine.
  • Complete the Haunted House mini-game by getting it in the store. When you are done go down and copy the witch's broom.
  • IF you need to change your skin color so it matches with black hair by hitting Ctrl + Shift + S
If you are a girl you can be Hermione! There are just a few changes...
  • If you want you can get a black skirt (Go to Astro Knights and go right until you go into the mill. Climb up the platforms and copy the girl with the long black skirt)
  • Turn your hair brown instead of black 
  • Change skin if necessary
  • Use wavy hair from the girl on Avenue A when you go right on Shrink Ray

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