Friday, July 13, 2012

Ghost Story Island

This island is pretty easy because it doesn't have any real "challenges", but involves following the walkthrough very carefully. For the costume for this, I used the same as Spy, but without the sunglasses for boy and girl because this island is kind of dark and grim, however, if you wanted to, a casual costume would also work.

Here's how I got them...

Girl version

  • I got the dress from the girl in the B.A.D. Bistro (go right on Spy island) sitting at the table
  • I got the hair and freckles from the girl on Cryptids island on Main Street, a little bit left
  • I got the lipstick from the Biker in the store
Boy version
  • I got the suit and pants from the man on Reality TV island (do the first part of Reality TV and he's standing by the helicopter), or you can go on Spy and find suits from various agents. 
  • You can use any "normal" hair and mouth
You can see the walkthrough in a separate post.

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