Thursday, July 14, 2016

Timmy Failure Costume

When I first arrived on this island, the first thing that hit me was the cartoonish-ness of it. Of course, like all cartoon islands, this means you can dress casually however you want, but my first instinct was to wear this dress:

Doesn't it look cartoon-ish? Again, refer to my many pages of casual outfits by scrolling through this blog, or checking out the Other Costumes page; I particularly enjoy the "Workout/Casual Summer Outfit" at the very bottom, but with wavy hair. Anyways. To get this outfit:

  • The dress is from an old ad, which you can't access anymore. However! You can get it from lightninggirl20's closet. Enjoy all of my outfits from there :)
  • Classic wavy hair & earrings
Easy, right? 

Poptropicon Costume

Hey guys! It's been a long time, but on a break I found myself logging into Poptropica and I couldn't resist completing the latest islands and coming up with a few new costumes. I don't intend to make walkthroughs anytime soon, but for now, here are some costumes. Poptropicon is kind of a wacky island filled with dressed up characters, so really, you can be anything you want. Check out the Other Costumes page for many, many ideas of any character you could possibly want to be, from Katniss to Harry Potter to a fairy. While I was completing the island, here is the costume I used:

Again, you could really do whatever you want, but in this costume I felt like my own type of hero, well equipped and cool looking, while also being kind of geeky :) Perfect for defeating Omegon. I originally wanted to wear wings, but it seems like the wings from Tinker Bell are gone. I tried using the wings from the Angel costume, but they would annoyingly flap. So... here's what I'm left with.
  • Tiara from Fairy Queen
  • Classic wavy hair
  • Belt from Robin Hood
  • Tank top from woman flying kite on Crypids, go left
  • Pink skirt from Shrink Ray Island, go right and into the Science Fair and customize it from the girl about 3 people down

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

thanks for 20k views :)

sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I promise I'll post more when school gets out!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

First, sorry for not posting - I've been pretty busy, and there hasn't been that much to post. Mythology came out in the New Poptropica, but I haven't done it yet, and I assume it isn't that different. The Creators are posting the winners of Create Your Dream Island, which you can check out at, as well as other updates. In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd design some spring-ish costumes and Mother's Day stuff. I thought of one that I had posted before, but I couldn't find it on the blog, so here it is again:
the old version
the new one - hah I was pretty close without looking at the old one
basically -
  • fairy queen tiara
  • wavy classic hair
  • pop queen green dress
  • flower power flower
  • hummingbird follower
and I also found some other cute spring dresses and stuff:
let me know if you have any ideas, questions, or anything! I check pretty often, and although I don't have much motivation to write walkthroughs and stuff, if you have a request, I will try to answer it! 

oh, one more thing - survival. atlantis hasn't come out for members yet, but I DID do the first episode of survival. I know I usually post the walkthroughs for islands right away, but survival is one of those islands where if you just walk around and try random stuff, you'll probably figure it out. usually, I always use a walkthrough when I start the islands, but this time, I decided not to. If you haven't done survival yet, I encourage you to try doing it without a walkthrough first! Just by walking around and experimenting, you can get pretty far! That's why I haven't posted a walkthrough yet, but let me know if you really want one, and I'll type up the basics of what to do and find.

that's all for now! once again, let me know if you have any questions or want or need ANYTHING, and hopefully i'll be posting more often :) i know now that the new poptropica has customization, there's a lot more opportunities for costumes, but I haven't gone through them yet.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

another new island already

wow... they're making these islands really fast.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Announcing the next Poptropica Island!

You're not dreaming. We're already announcing our next episodic adventure. Get ready for Mission Atlantis!
It's an undersea adventure that will take you to the strangest place on earth: the bottom of the ocean. What you'll find there is beyond anything you can imagine.

We'll soon have a lot more information to announce about Mission Atlantis and its first episode, "Into the Deep," including when you'll be able to play it -- so keep an eye on this blog.

And don't forget that our first episodic adventure, Survival: Crash Landing, is available for Members to play now. Visit Poptropica to play!

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