Friday, October 4, 2013

Virus Hunter Island Walkthrough

COSTUME: Wear any casual costume.

Visualize this map:
apartments - Globalchem (Main Street) - Video Store, Fitness place, Falafels

Getting Into the Body
1. Go right and enter the fitness place. Go left and click on the rubber-brand colored thingies. The person kicks you out, and you get to keep the rubber bands.
2. Go left to Globalchem and climb up the tree on the right side. Jump onto the bus bench, then the tree. From the nest, "use" the rubber band to latch onto the hook. Climb up and talk to the guy on the roof.
3. Go left. Jump over the wall and talk to the pizza guy. When he drives off, pick up the shredded papers.
4. Go back to the guy on the roof. You need to put together the blue and tan pieces of paper. He gives you a fake PDC badge.
5. Go right to the video store. Enter and you show the guy your badge. Go down the elevator and talk to Dr. Lange. Watch the video, then she gives you a camera and dosier.
6. Exit and go left to the apartments. Click on the recycling bin and find the letter and postcard to "Joe Stockman".
7. Go right to the falafel stand. Talk to the guy with the apron, then follow him into Globalchem. Go up and back-and-forth until you get to the guy on the very left top - Joe Stockman. Talk to him and "use" the camera.
8. Go back to the video store and show the picture to Dr. Lange. Next, follow her into the room that will basically shrink you. Talk to her, then hop onto the block to the left and you start to get shrunk!

Training, the Hand, and the Stomach
1. Click on the ship and click on the tool you want. Press the space bar to use it. 
you use the shooter to shoot viruses (running over a blue bubble heals your status bar), coagulant to heal cuts (you can't get past the stream of red blood cells until you heal it), electrobolt to zap nerve endings (make muscles contract/move by shooting the purple electric things), and the laser to cut through fat and kill bigger viruses.

2. Follow Dr. Lange's instructions and practice using the tools. Then you will be ready for the main mission.
3. You get tossed into Joe's mouth. Select your gun and shoot at all the green viruses that surround you. Then, go through the hole in the body. 
4. Now you go to a map of the body. Click the hand, which is the only one you can go to right now. In the hand go down, right, and into the 3rd finger. White blood cells take all your weapons except your gun. Now you need to battle viruses to get your weapons back.
5. Go down, around, and left until the hand leaves off. Click and exit. (If you ever don't know how to get to the body map, click menu - map - Virus Hunter Island and it will take you there).
6. Next, click on the stomach, just under the heart. Joe drinks some purple juice. Go left and up the throat. If it doesn't open, shoot at it. 
7. Jump onto one of the blue (spit?) bubbles. Ride up and go the the mouth. Go right and click on the gold tooth to get your ship's shield back. Fall back down and click on your ship to restore the shield. 
8. Go down through the purple juice to the left. Shoot if the opening doesn't open, and go through. 
9. Now you are going to follow the path, avoid the green drops which harm you, and use your gun to shoot at the food. Also shoot any viruses that come at you. Continue through, and press the arrow to go down. Now you will fight the first boss virus.
10. Basically whenever he sticks his spike tentacles at you, shoot at them and avoid getting hit. You get your laser scalpel back! Go right and cut through the fat. Go back to the body map

The Heart, the Hand, and the Arm
1. Click on the heart (the heart-shaped one above the stomach :D ) Cut through the fat and you have to battle another virus. Basically stick the laser into his stomach whenever his spike isn't sticking out. Follow him through the heart until you beat him and get your coagulant back.
2. Now go the hand and heal the 4 cuts using your coagulant.
3. Next, go to the arm and heal the 6 cuts. Joe is lifting weights, so you have to heal the cut then get through when the muscle is open without getting hurt too badly. You will NOT be able to go through until you heal it first. When you're done, continue on following the path 
4. Go down and use your laser to cut through the calcium (rock-looking things). Go through and you have to defeat another virus boss. This time there are viruses coming out of 2 openings - one on the top right and one on the bottom left. You have to put your laser through the 2 openings to close them up. Also, you have to heal the 3 cuts without letting the viruses get to them. (try closing up the openings before you heal the cuts, but before Joe's meter gets too low)
5. Reclaim your electrobolt after you have succeeded. Go left and use the electrobolt on the purple things to get rid of Joe's cramp. 
6. Go the brain.

The Brain, the Teeth, and the Boss
1. ok. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS PART. it took me FOREVER the first time. just be patient and you'll get it eventually...
2. So, this boss is sitting on an electric thing, and he's shooting viruses at you. You have to use your laser to kill the viruses because they are pretty strong. Now, you have to use your electrobolt. See the lit-up root/circle thing? Press space on the circle end of the root thing and it will follow you. You have to connect it to the ROOT end of another root thing, and that will light up. You have to connect all of them until you get to the one that the virus is sitting on. Plus, make sure the viruses don't get you! (so you have to switch tools!) NOW you have to repeat this 6 times until the virus dies. Did I tell you I hate this part? Here's an example of what to do to help you out:

BTW, this is my FOURTH time doing the island. Sorry for messing up but here's an idea of what to do. It's kind of hard to get the roots to follow you.

3. Finally, you beat the boss! Go to the mouth. Take out your laser and go underneath the gum. Cut out the tooth that's kind of sticking out randomly. Just avoid the viruses, you don't need to kill all of them.
4. Go to the heart to defeat the (easy) final boss.You need to use the electrobolt on the purple things to get through. Go around and through the red tube. Use the electrobolt on the purple things by themselves to cure the heart arrhythmia. 
5. Follow the tube and click the arrow right.  Get your gun ready. Basically this virus has 4 arms which he uses to try and kill the blue and red things. When the arm is out, shoot at it. Also shoot the baby viruses that come out of him. Repeat 4 times and he dies when he has lost all 4 arms. 
6. Once you beat the boss Joe sneezes you out of his body. Of course, you don't get any credit, but you finish the island and get your ISLAND MEDALLION! (find which number finisher you are!)


  1. Okay, so I haves a question :l When I go into my profile, and I click on my medallions that I've earned, it shows all of them filled in golden, like they should be, except for 24 Carrot. I've completed the island like five times, but it still isn't showing in my medallions :( Has this happened to you?

  2. yea its cuz of now it is all new with sound and all that jazz so now you should redo the island again

    1. I've already done it on the new version with all that jazz :( It still says its incomplete in my medallions >.<

  3. I can't get past the Brain Boss >_< Any suggestions?

    1. sorry :/ watch the video to get the idea of what to do, then just keep trying!!

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  5. i like ur videos keep it up!