Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workout Outfit! (for girls)

When Captain Crawfish posted the thing about exercising for Virus Hunter, I realized I haven't made a workout outfit! For some reason ad transporter wasn't working, but if you find any other good shirts/tank tops you can use those too. You can also use a bikini.

  • go to Back Lot Island and enter the Queegeg's (?) coffeeshop on the left. Copy the woman's ponytail.
  • Add bang earrings or any other bangs you want
  • Classic lipstick (biker)
  • Classic white skirt
  • Vampire 1 tank top, bikini (surfer girl or from Mythology island), or purple top on the right from Astro Knights - in front of the castle
  • If you want, you can buy Soccer girl, Cheerleader, Karate master, etc to get the sweat band/ponytail/other athletic stuff
  • You can also get the ponytail from the girl on Reality TV island (one of the contestants)
  • Use any skirt you want or shorts

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