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Lunar Colony Island Walkthrough

Note: I wrote this walkthrough myself.

Helping out at PASE
1. Go right and enter PASE. You can customize the earpiece if you want, since, you know, you're helping out and it looks cool. Talk to the grey-haired man and you get assigned to go check on the sick astronaut.
2. Go left and pick up the ginger ale on the table where the astronaut used to be. Then go right and take the red elevator up to the rocket. (make it come down, jump on, then make it go up) "Go inside".
3. Give the astronaut the ginger ale and he asked you to "do him a favor". Hey! Click on the earpiece on the right to talk to one of the scientists. Basically follow his instructions all the way until you're on the moon. You're going to need to adjust some controls, and you can get a "morale boost" if you want :)
Here's your mission:
4. You're going to have to play a game where you basically avoid the asteroids. After that, you have to repair the rocket. Go left (avoiding the asteroids) and open the toolkit hatch, then click on the toolkit to carry out. Using as little pipe as you can, make your way down and left around the rocket to the black crack thing. Click on it and cover it in cement (?) to repair it. 
5. Next, I hate this part. You have to land that stupid machine. Basically, you have to land facing the right way, with the bar in the green area. Rotate the machine, and whenever it starts to go into the red zone, hold down on the mouse, but not too much. Congratulations! You're on the moon!

Finding Salerno
Open the Bay Doors
1. Go right and go through the airlock (you have to click on the red thing). Enter the Vehicle Bay. 
2. The top middle locker is open, so click on it to get the Operator's Manual. Exit (the door is on the bottom right), and enter the Crew Barracks.
3. Go right, climb up the ladder, and go left on the very top floor. Continue left and click on the computer that's on. Click on email and read through the emails to find out what's going on, then click on Facilities Control. It asks you for the password, which you don't know. However, you have the manual.
Press the buttons for reboot. Once you've rebooted it, raise the dial on the left up to open the jammed door. Exit the computer.
4. Take the ladder down a floor and go to bed 8. Pick up the item on the bed and get the item from the opened locker to the right of the bed. Now, exit and go back to the Vehicle Bay.
5. In the Vehicle Bay, jump up and right and click the panel to open the roof. The sunlight is hitting the panel to the left of you. Jump there and angle it to hit the panel below and to the right of you. Now jump and angle that panel to the far left of the room. Angle that one to the rover so the rover is charged. Now you can ride it!

Alien Rocks and the Research Lab
1. First, drive down and right until you find this green alien rock. Examine it then move on. Also examine the other 2 rocks; the pink one is bottom left and and the third (yellow) is up and right near the Research Lab. 
2. Now, enter the Research Lab. To haul the meteor away, click on the hook on the end of the rover, then click on the meteor. The rover will automatically pull it away and you can go through the airlock. 
3. First, you want to change your eye color to purple. You'll understand why later. Jump up and right to get the eye color changing platform. Click on the purple eye, the bottom one. 
4. Next, jump to the top middle where the pressure changer is. Click HIGH and your body will be squashed. Quickly, jump down and through the boxes blocking the entrance to the door. You can now enter the door. 

The Infirmary and the Bio-Dome
1. Go left and click on the Medi-Hose. Now, this is going to run out, so you have to follow this path:
{Creds to Poptropica Cheatz}
You might want to jump through it first to make sure you know where you're going. 
2. Once you get there, click on the vent and a locator device pops out of the other vent. Now you know Salerno's in the bio dome. Exit through the Bio-Waste door and go through the airlock again and get in your rover. Drive to the bio dome, which is bottom left on the map (a little bit higher than the pink alien rock). 
3. Now, it's anti-gravity in the bio dome! There are these annoying airflow things, which you need to cover up with the corks. Click the button to get a cork, grab it, wait until the airflow turns off, block it, go back, get another one, repeat, etc. When you've blocked the last one - which, by the way, never turns off, you just have to put it on coming from the bottom (the path is pretty obvious because of the trees and stuff), go up the ladder thing. 
4. You can see Salerno hiding behind something. Click on her and a scene plays out. When she leaves, she drops a key card. Pick that up. Go down, exit the way you came, and get in your rover. Sit back and let the chase scene play out. 

Rock Lab and Alien Base
1. In the rock lab, follow the escalator things. You may have to angle them up or down or change the direction. Finally, it will lead to a door. Enter.
2. Back in the Vehicle Bay, climb up to the top left platform. Pull the sheet off of the device - it's the Geiger Counter! To get it to your rover, see those silver poles? Climb up to the middle platform and push the leftmost pole, making a ramp. 
3. Push the Geiger Counter down the "ramp" and it goes onto the back of your rover. Ride your rover. Go down until you find the purple X. "Examine" it and it is buried in the ground. Use the hook on your rover to pull it out of the ground, same as pulling the meteor. It's making an X with the other alien rocks! Drive to the middle, where the X meets. 
4. Salerno appears and you fall through the ground. Go right, with Salerno stopping to make comments. Click the switch and watch the scene play out. 
5. When you're finally back home, you get a transmission from Salerno on an alien planet, and you receive your ISLAND MEDALLION!

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