Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Costumes

Okay so I was introducing my friend to Poptropica and she started Time Tangled Island. While I was watching/helping her do it, I realized HOW MANY AWESOME COSTUMES THERE WERE! I have never really tried costumes from this island before because I just used casual but actually the different time periods are pretty cool! Sorry guys these are girl costumes but most of them can be made into boy costumes. Here I go.
Mount Everest, 1953 AD. Copy all you want from the climber and girls might want to change the hair so it isn't sticking out the back so much, I just used Biker ponytail. The parka is great for cold islands, climber's gear... idk where you would use that.

I'm not sure what to call this one, but there's a lot of different combos of skirts, necklaces, etc. Any hair you want. This was Aztec Empire, 1519 AD.

Great Wall Of China, 1593 AD. Umm... a martial arts costume I guess? Copy whatever color you want.

Here's a cute Greek-ish outfit, but it could be used casually. Add a different colored skirt or necklace for more color. Ancient Greece, 328 BC.

Idk what to call this one, but it looks cute, especially the skirt. Girls, there are a whole bunch of guys wearing this it won't let you copy, but if you've done the island, you can copy from the Oracle. Otherwise you'll have to return the object first. (see walkthrough) Guys can copy any version they want. Ancient Greece, 328 BC.

Here's a native american outfit which isn't the best, but I like the belt. I wouldn't recommend it with blond hair but I didn't feel like changing it for right now. Lewis & Clark, 1805 AD

Now, honestly IDK what to call this one but it's sort of an armor-ish thing... I guess it would look better on boys. Umm i don't remember which time period it came from... Sorry I'll check later.

??? Idk what to call this one and the "dress" makes you look a bit fat but it's cute. Mali Empire, 1387 AD. Customize with a necklace or something.

Here's a viking, and copy whatever you want. 831 AD, Vikings.

This outfit is kinda weird but you can try it if you want. Great Wall of China, 1593 AD. Get the shirt from the man you did the memory game with, then add a white skirt.

This is kinda cool. Maybe for mystery train? Anyways go to Statue of Liberty, 1882 AD. Copy the man on the left and wavy hair. 

Done! Enjoy!

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