Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey everyone sorry I haven't been posting many outfits lately... I found a few cute ideas but I haven't had time to put them together, and ad transporter isn't working... So anyways here they are (from various blogs, sorry didn't give credit) but yeaaah. You can help me put them together with a few edits if you want... I put what I recognized from the outfit, mostly, though I would change a few things.

Person waiting in line for Night Watch, braids, & any lips
CJ's hoodie, striped shirt from Skullduggery, and dead fish (?) I would omit that
Cute sporty girl w/skirt - ponytail , basketball, etc
Cute outfit from end of Steamworks
Fairy Princess, poofy skirt, etc
Ad transporter skirt, Mythology island top, Biker jacket
Randomizer shirt, skkirt, biker jacket, hat

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