Saturday, March 23, 2013

New costume

I was bored, so I just made this costume... Hope you like it! (Boys you can wear it too)

  • Hat - use the Biker hat
  • Hair - use any classic wavy hair, you can find this almost anywhere. You can go right and copy the hair from the girl on Shrink Ray or from costumes in lightninggirl20's closet
  • Lips - any classic lips, such as Biker lips
  • Jacket - use the Biker jacket
  • Pants - use any grayish black pants (you can use the ones from Vampire 1 costume)
  • Belt - optional, use the black bands belt from the girls Vampire 1 costume
  • Shirt - Sorry, I don't know where this came from! Lightninggirl20 is wearing it (but not for long)! or you can probably find it in a common room. If I find where it came from, I'll let you know.

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