Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tribal Common Rooms

The Creators have just released this new feature called Tribal Common Rooms so you can now hang out with people from your tribe from Poptropolis Games! Just so you know, Lightning Girl aka Creepy Hammer is in Pathfinders. Just saying. So let's hear what Black Widow has to say about this new feature: 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing tribal common rooms!

So you joined a Tribe, and it's awesome. You know in your heart of hearts that your Tribe rules, and the other Tribes drool. But what else can you really do with your Tribe?

Now, you can enter your super-secret, ultra-awesome tribal common room!

Just go to your personality profile page and click on your tribal logo. You'll see a new pop-up with a button that says "Join Room."

That brings you to an all-new common room that's bigger and better than the ones you usually find on Main Street, and which is only open to the members of your Tribe! You'll be able to meet and befriend new tribal pals right away.

Not only that, but each of these new tribal rooms has a bunch of hidden interactive elements. Can you find them?

Visit Poptropica now to check out your new digs!

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BTW everyone... I've noticed a few other changes. There is now a tab for multiverse and tribal rooms under friends. The creators haven't told us about this one on the blog, so it might change. ALSO, once you go into your tribal common room, when you exit, you're in the exact same place you left from. Convenient, huh? There's special features too so try to find them.

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