Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wimpy Wonderland

This island is fairly simple as long as you know what to do, with a few challenges that are easy to beat with the cheats I provide in the walkthrough (see the walkthrough in a later post). In this setting it is cold and snowing, and you cannot customize any of the characters. However, I have found the perfect outfits for this island with a few variations!

How I got these...

Girl version:

  • Go to Shrink Ray island and go right. Copy the girl with the scarf, sweater, and skirt. You can also copy her wavy hair, earrings, and blush if you want, or use another classic hairstyle - ponytail, braid, etc. Then, of course, I used the classic Biker lipstick.
  • OR you can use the jacket (find how to get that in the boy version section) or some combination with the skirt and whatnot.
Boy version:
  • First, I used Jack's hair - complete the 1st part of Red Dragon island until you find him. Any classic hair would work. I used a classic smile and Annie's shirt. 
  • THEN I went to the ParaNormal ad (if this ad is gone, just go to the ad transporter at and click on ParaNormal. Copy the boy with the spiky hair's jacket, which goes perfectly over Annie's red shirt. If you want you can find a different shirt that goes under the jacket.
  • THEN find any classic long dark blue/black pants
  • OR you can use the sweater/scarf from the girl version with pants.

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